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Intro: Welcome to page two of my book section. This page has a few books on knots, a Scottish map and guide and also a very good Salmon fishing video. I hope you'll find these further choices interesting and helpful both for learning and for reference. Many thanks!

Video: For the seven kids of George Khan - proud Pakistani and chip owner - life is one long compromise. As George fights a desperate and losing battle to get his family to conform to traditional Pakistani values, his children go boldly in directions of their own.
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Please feel free to browse, and click through to purchase something at Amazons! online shop. Best Wishes, Flytyer!

Fishing Knots Fishing Knots
An essential book for all anglers who need the clearest possible instructions on choosing the right knot and how to tie a knot that holds.

Buy It Now Fly Leaders & Knots
Fly fishing is a multi-faceted sport, and arguably the most important feature of your rig is your knots; tie a weak knot and you may lose the fish of a lifetime. Fly Leaders & Knots is a comprehensive little book filled with the knots and the various leaders you will need to catch a variety of fish - both fresh- and saltwater!

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Fly Patterns an International Guide The Complete Book of Fishing Knots: from

Fundamental Knots/Loop Knots/Joining Knots/Hook, Lure, Swivel and Sinker Knots, Other Useful Knots

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Poul Jorgensen's Book of Fly Tying Poul Jorgensen's Book of Fly Tying: from

Another great book by the much respected Poul Jorgensen
"A Guide to Flies for All Game Fish"

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Pocket guide and map of Scotland Insight Pocket Guide Plus Pullout Map: Scotland from
This new edition on Scotland features three full-day itineraries, seven Pick & Mix tours and three excursions. There is also information on history and culture, sports facilities, festivals, eating out, shopping, nightlife and hotels, and a full-size pull-out map.

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Complete Guide To Fly Fishing For Salmon With John Andrews from

Salmon fishing video featuring John Andrews and a complete guide to fly fishing for Salmon. Includes advice on where and when to fish, casting, playing and landing, techniques, and tactics.

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