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   This fly tying and fishing site is for anglers who have an interest in tying fishing flies especially hairwing salmon flies. Experienced anglers and fly tyers may also find the site interesting and constructive comments or questions are welcome.
   Within the fly tyer's bench photographic images, coupled with text descriptions provide a visual and easy to follow instruction on tying various patterns. Clicking on the illustrations opens up a new window with a full size image allowing you to examine that particular step in more detail. During the process of tying a fly there are tips on the various techniques used and where necessary extra pages and photographs are provided to help with difficult or tricky steps.

Fly Tying  
Tools & Materials Amazon.co.uk Fly Tying Tools & Materials
from Amazon.co.uk
This is an excellent reference for fly tying materials and tools. With good advice about spotting the best quality stuff. The Salmon Fly tyer appears to be the focus however this is still a good read for any fly tyer
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   I continually work to provide fly tying lessons and original fishing related materials and hope that you find the content interesting and helpful, please share my sites with your friends. Everything here is original and provided FREE! you can help by making a PayPal donation or by clicking through the search engines when leaving. You could also visit my Amazon book shop section and see my recommended books.
Many thanks for the visit.

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